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Two Weeks ago, we ended our Women's All B-Ball Crowdfunding Campaign, and with you're help we were able to raise $3,395! A BIG BIG Thank You for being one of our 58 Backers.

Although we did not reach the goal we set out to reach, $15,000, we will still be able to do plenty with the funds you did help us raise, and again all we are, is grateful for this, and again say THANK YOU.


1. We have your email address, so if you did contribute, with a reward attached to it, we will be in touch directly from our email ( about getting Size Info (if needed) as well as Shipping info. Please look out for this email around August 31st!

2. With the amount of $ that we did raise, we will be reworking our goals and what we had planned to use the $15k for, and will let you know as well via email where we plan to use the funds for Women's All B-Ball!

Thank You so much again all!

Rita & Amanda
Co-Founders, Women's All B-Ball