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Wow. Ilene and I have cried, high-fived, embraced, laughed and cried again so many times during this crowdfunding project. And believe me, she is not really a high-fiver. Our reactions are a response to the generosity of each of you. 

On long summer days when most of the neighborhood was in (insert vacation destination) we were here, fretting about payroll, and paying for upgrades to our basement - bit by bit, dollar by dollar, with our patient and understanding contractor. Each time an email hit my account, announcing a new backer to our crowdfund - I'd leap up and holler "BACKER!" - or send Ilene a text if we weren't at the shop in that moment. No matter the dollar amount, each time we were flattered and surprised. We never expected such an outpouring. 

So, thank you, thank you, thank you. Last week we moved into our new and improved storage area in the rear of the basement. I packed Rosh Hashanah catering orders there yesterday. Our cooks used the new workstations over the weekend to make kale salad, mix cookie dough and roll turkey meatballs. It will take us time to add all the bells and whistles we want, stock the smallwares and reorganize the paper goods. 

Expect to hear from us in the coming days and weeks as we schedule your rewards for free food, SWAG, cookbooks and house visits. We can't wait. 

See you in the shop. 

Sara & Ilene, co-owners, R&D Foods