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Introducing HER Cohorts

We are excited to announce that as a part of your HER membership, will be rolling out a “cohort model” that will be activated during the 5 member breakfast meetings that are available with most of the membership tiers (except for the Entry Ticket to HER membership). 


How this will work:

  • We will strategically place you in a 12 person group (cohort) with women who share some commonalities in professional rank, life stage et. While you will share some similarities we will ensure an element of curated diversity to help grow your network and make new friends. 

  • You will meet with this group in 5 cohort breakfast meetings throughout the year, ticket price is included in your membership 

  • Dates for the 5 cohort meetings will be announced in September, so you can plan for the year

  • Facilitated educational topics, ex "How to Ask", “Doing less to Achieve More” 

  • Your cohort partners will become your accountability partners and you will have the ability to choose a theme of focus for some of your sessions 

  • As always, facilitated connection

  • There will be a cohort for moms and for founders that you’ll be able to apply for


In addition to connecting with the HER community at large, your cohort will become your “core support and accountability group.