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SheFly Fall Manufacturing Update

Serious SheFly Fans, 

Hello from Vermont, New Mexico, India, & Boston! 👋🏽 

Please excuse our delay in updating you -- we've been bouncing all over the country/world trying to get more details on the recent delays and hang-ups we've experienced! Thank you for bearing with us as our little SheFly start-up sailboat ⛵️navigates some pretty big uncharted waters! 🌊 We couldn't do any of this without you all. 🧡

So, the question you've all been asking: Where the heck are my SheFly pants?! Answer: Never fear, your SheFly pants are near! 

You can get all the deets you're looking for here in today's manufacturing update (
You may also wanna check out our manufacturing insta story from yesterday, where Char takes us inside the factory for an up-close peek at the people and place behind our process (  Or, read our first official "SheFly Unzipped" blog post (!
And finally, take a look at our September newsletter ( 


Again -- thank you for sticking by our side! It's been a frustrating production process, but having your constant support makes all the difference. We'll be sure to check in again when we know more!


💕 XOXO, 

Georgia Grace, Charlotte, Bianca, + the SheFly Team


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