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It's Been a Minute! UPDATE 🚨

SheFly Fans, 


Hello from Outdoor Retailer in Colorado! 👋🏽( We know you’ve all been trying to patiently hold off on peeing your pants as you wait for your SheFlys to ship! We wanted to thank you again for your support and provide you with a wee-little update:


Pants Update 👖

We had hoped to ship your pre-ordered SheFly pants this month, but perhaps unsurprisingly in the start-up world, we’ve experienced some delays due to sourcing issues. As part of our dedication to sustainability and high-quality gear, we have spent the past several months trying to source fabric that meets both our environmentally friendly and technical fabric standards. Unfortunately, the fabric supplier we were working with misrepresented the quality of a fabric we had hoped to go with. Because we were unwilling to compromise on quality, we were forced to source from another mill entirely. However, after much blood, sweet, and tears, we are happy to at long-last announce that we have found another fantastic fabric — it’s comfortable, stretchy, pill, snag, and water repellent (DWR), contains no cotton, and best of all, is coming from a supply of leftover fabric that would otherwise be thrown away! Doesn’t get more zero-waste than that. 😏🌎


So, we’re continuing on, full-steam ahead, and working our tails off to get your pants to you as soon as possible, because we know nature’s call is not one that has stopped ringing! To be safe, we are pushing our expected shipping date back to August, and are happy to announce that one of our co-founders, Charlotte, will be flying directly to our factory in India to oversee the entire manufacturing and shipping process! We will update you with a more specific date when we have more info. And, to thank you for being such loyal, patient rockstars, we have decided to throw in a SheFly Noso patch  ( — a $10+ value — absolutely free, with every SheFly Hiking Pants order we’ve received.


If you’re someone who still hasn’t received or completed a shipping and sizing survey, we’ll be following up with you this week for sure! Now that we’ve figured out fabric, we’re hoping our email response time will be back down. Make sure that you have added,, and to your contacts, to be sure we’re not headed straight for your spam folders. ✅


Noso Patches & Stickers Update 🥳

Good news — they’ll be shipping next week! 


Kula Cloths Update 😍

They’re in, they’re absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and they’re shipping next week!


SheFly Tee Update 👕

The orders have been placed (we were waiting on a few of you to complete your sizing and shipping surveys), so be on the lookout for those in a few weeks. We will update y’all when they have been shipped!


And now, for the fun stuff: 

🎤  Have you seen our TEDxTalk ( from last month? If not, definitely check co-founders Georgia Grace and Charlotte out, and throw us a thumbs up or a share if you can relate! It was such a rush to share the stage with so many talented Vermonters with so many ideas worth sharing. 🤯


🛒 If you have family, friends, or adventure pals who missed out on our crowdfunding campaign, never fear! This week, we officially launched our online shop (, where you can continue to order SheFly swag, like stickers, Noso patches, and Kula cloths, as well as pre-order both of our Stealth and Bold Pee Pant models! 


Whew! We think that’s it for now. 😉 Have a wonderful Friday, and thank you, as always!


💕 XOXO, 

Georgia Grace, Charlotte, Bianca, + the SheFly Team


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