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$45K and 1 MORE DAY!

SheFly Supporters, 


Holy SheFly! We’ve raised another $7+K, which puts us at over $45K — that’s right, more than 3 times our original goal — with ONE day to go! Remember, our campaign ends EOD tomorrow, May 1st. We’d like to stop and shout one huge thanks from the rooftops to the 413 of you who have backed our campaign and shared it tens of thousands of times. It means the absolute world. 


And now, for the final push! We’d love to get even closer to $50K (which is only a couple dozen pairs of SheFlys away) in these last 24 hours, which will help us transition to working on SheFly full-time with as full a size range as possible. 


We’ve received a few messages recently regarding shipping. As it says on our campaign page when you select the “pair of SheFly(s)” rewards, we plan to ship the pants sometime in June (we do not anticipate the slight extension of our campaign affecting this). We’ve spent the past several weeks working hard to source the best hardware and fabric we can find! The other rewards will be available sooner, after the conclusion of our campaign this week, so stay tuned for some Google surveys to get your sizing and color preferences. We will continue to update everyone through the “Updates” tab of our iFundWomen campaign page, which you should also receive to the email address you entered. 


Another shoutout to our most recent Instagram giveaway winners! Be sure to follow us @SheFlyApparel on Instagram and Facebook for more of the latest and greatest in the [soon-to-be] world of SheFly! Speaking of which, did you read our feature in RANGE Magazine ( And, if you haven’t yet, please please please share this campaign with a person in your life who pees! 


Thank you, again, for helping us #PeeTheChange! We can’t wait to help you #PeeEmpowered!




Georgia Grace, Charlotte, Bianca, + the SheFly Team

#SheFly #AnswerNaturesCall  #PantsPantsRevolution