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You (& Nature) Called…We Answered! Campaign Extended!!! 🥳

SheFly Friends and Family Far and Wide,


Today marks 1 entire month since we began this crowdfunding campaign — we can’t believe it! Together, we’ve proven that it’s time to rethink pants and make them work for ALL anatomies.💪 From $38.2K you’ve thrown our way to the almost 12K shares you’ve given our campaign to the countless inspiring messages and comments you’ve written — we are so incredibly grateful. 💕 Because support is still pouring in, we’ve decided to continue accepting pre-orders for pants and our other rewards on our campaign page until May 1st! 🍾


So, keep on sharing with the people you know who could use SheFly pants, so we can all #PeeFreely on our next adventure, big or small! We’re only 16 pairs of SheFlys away from reaching $40K! 👖


If you missed it, here’s the link to co-founder Georgia Grace Edwards’s live interview with Vermont Public Radio (, as well as the shout-out SheFly and other women-owned and operated start-ups received from Lily Trotters this month (! Plus, we’re proud to announce that our factory just won a major award for their work as one of the top 8 manufacturers globally who are maximizing benefits to people and minimizing impact on the environment ( 🥇


And, huge shoutout to Sally, Carson P., and Abbie M. — our most recent Instagram raffle winners! Be sure to follow us @SheFlyApparel to stay up to date! 🏃🏽‍♀️



Georgia Grace, Charlotte, Bianca, + the SheFly Team


#AnswerNaturesCall #PeeTheChange #PantsPantsRevolution #PeeEmpowered