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Day 1: Wow. You Are Amazing.

Humbled and full of gratitude tonight for our community.

Today we officially launched our Crowdfunding campaign. As of sending this, we have raised $17,135 of our $100,000 goal.

You—our community of dedicated and generous students—are incredible.

This project has been daunting but every time I have hit an obstacle and wondered, “What have I undertaken?” I am reminded again and again in small ways what a gift this community is.

You are helping us to make this last push at getting a new center up, and we are so deeply grateful. Your love and devotion will be poured into our walls long before we even open the doors. And perhaps this part of your contribution is what touches me the most today. Every one of you is a part of our new foundation. I can’t wait to open our doors so you can see what you have helped to build!

Your support — those that came in today and those that will come in over the next 33 days — is greatly appreciated. We will do everything we can to pay your generosity of spirit forward.

Deeply grateful,