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Well, there goes one premium...

I should never have made that joke about the windstorm. Last week, high winds on the plains of Illinois caused a 100 year old oak to topple over, smack dab on the very top of the outhouse. Miraculously, nobody was in it and there were no casualties, other than the ancient oak. Also miraculously, the front door survived, so don't panic, we are making a shift to the premium and names will go on the door and will be mounted somewhere prominently for all to admire, until the next hurricane. 

In happier news, we are over 50% funded, and less than two weeks into our campaign, so I am very much thrilled. Thank you all! Please copy the link to this campaign in your url bar, and send it to a friend or two that you feel would be fun to bring to a Farm Day, or a retreat. Or to someone that you just need a break from.