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3 days left. $8K left! We've raised almost $42K. Could you help us get to $50K?

Our campaign ends this Wednesday, May 1. After 45 days, we're 83% funded. WOW!!!! I am forever indebted to you for believing in me, in this business, and in my team. And trust me, I know who every single one of you are because not only have I personally emailed you but I have seen your names on my backer list way too many times to count. (plus, I'm really good with names). You will forever be special to me. 

Here are some updates from our end: We were finally able to upgrade our equipment (yes!) and invested in an 8x10 walk in cooler, allowing us to PURCHASE MORE FLOWERS AND SERVE MORE PEOPLE! We've also already started investing in our content & marketing strategy and in the works are: recording more videos and tutorials, upping our pinterest game with a major page overhaul, majorly investing in our social media campaign strategy (facebook and instagram), growing our Flower Club community locally (through events, perks, stay tuned). Now, all we have left is the $8K left to help make new hires so that we can help get the tons of orders we're about to solicit OUT THE DOOR in the most effective and efficient manner. We're literally almost at the finish line.

Could you help us get to the end? You could share our page again to absolutely anyone you think would love FLOWERS via our iFundWomen Page or, if you'd like to support again, you check out our new rewards:

  1. $45 single bouquet WITH delivery included
  2. $65 Business Template Bundles (includes time management, marketing, and video strategy templates for YOUR business)
  3. $300 private flower workshop for 5 people (includes bubbly)
  4. $35 "You Grow Girl" Tote (reduced price!)
  5. $50 Bouquet Embroidered Tee (reduced price!)

OR snag our popular flower subscription (almost 40 purchased to date) OR our let us put your business on blast on our thousand viewed insta story via the corporate shoutout reward (almost 100 purchased!!!). 

It's been a long road but we're almost at the end and pretty amazed at the support and the progress we've made throughout the 45 days. We couldn't have done it without you.