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hi there

it's me, Lorelei
the founder of Listen Bar

I said it once, I'll say it again
HUGE THANKS for supporting
our crowdfunding campaign


the support of backers like you
means SO MUCH to what 
Listen Bar has become today 

first, we were able to go from
a self-funded proof-of-concept
to over 2 years of IRL events


then, the funds you provided
meant EVEN MORE as we navigated the
changes brought on by the pandemic

specifically, it enabled us to support
our staff even as we had to cancel
our US & world tour


we were able to send funds
to all our bartenders, mixologists,
musicians, prep people, performers
photographers & video teams

both current & former 
bc Team Listen Bar is 4ever
especially in a global crisis


you then made it possible to
hire staff for new concepts 
like our virtual happy hours
& our nightlife incubator


we are all truly so thankful

in fact, I said thank you
to each and every one of you
(all 636 - some more than once!)
in a wall of fame on our website


so what's next for Listen Bar?

as you can perhaps imagine,
watching the pandemic ravage
the bar & restaurant sector

without any meaningful industry
support from the government
has been a sobering experience


we've found ourselves surprisingly
grateful that our initial tour plans
had pushed back our brick & mortar
launch, or else we would have likely
been in a very rough spot


as a result, we're reevaluating our
timeline and business plans and
will be announcing an updated vision
over the next few months

as these plans are still in development
& influenced by the ever-shifting
reality of the pandemic 

I can't give too much away just yet
though i am VERY EXCITED


know that we are absolutely grateful
for all of you who made it possible
for our little startup to come out
of last year STRONGER & SMARTER


as soon as we can confidently
announce our next phase,
you'll be the FIRST to hear about it
& get to be part of it


over the coming weeks, you'll also get
updates on your specific rewards

rest assured, everyone is getting
everything they ordered,
we're just sorting out when & how

for now, i mostly wanted 
to say hi, to catch you up & tell you
how much we appreciate you
and to SHOW IT with a little gift:


a front row seat for the return
of our BIGGEST event to date
which is already looking
to be an epic night:


our alcohol-free
cocktail competition


this Thursday, Jan 28
8 - 9:30pm EST
via Zoom

where 5 NYC bars battle it out
& you get to sip + vote on ur fave


we're excited 🎁 to treat ya
to a free ticket for u & ur +1
with code BACKERLOVE

(until tickets sell out)


for being part of the
Listen Bar crew

we can't wait to see
you tomorrow

and beyond that,
I can't wait to share the rest
of this journey with you!

✨ 🚂 ✨