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9.8.22 -- Halfway to my first small win!!

It is crazy that a week after I started reaching out to you about the new book I'm working on and now we've got almost $500 in support raised for this book! 


Thank you so much to the amazing people who've supported me: 

  • Adrianne T.
  •  Missy S.
  • Lynne N.
  • Carol S.
  • Kerri
  • Suzi
  • Mark S.
  • Todd N. 
  • Kelly P.
  • Carolyn Z.

I'm aiming to hit my first $1,000 by next week, so if you haven't supported this project and want to, please Click HERE to view the campaign page and learn more about the Creator To Community Builder Workbook.

If you've already supported it, do you have a friend who might enjoy this book, I'm sure you have a few community-building friends - we stick together!

Share this with them~ 

Look - to be honest - I've never done this before and I was so afraid to even ask for support when I've felt that your decades I should do it all myself. 

I'm leaning toward the belief that this book will really help people who want to facilitate conversations online, and I also feel that there's nothing like the book I'm writing out there right now. 

Could you help me reach $1K? 

Ps. I'm only a little bit from this goal, so just a few funders would really help. If you don't want the book, but want to support me, click here for a monetary contribution.

You will be asked to give the coaches a "tip" but do not feel obligated, this is totally up to you. The coaches do help with free live workshops and resources. 

- Deb 

PS If you want to share your community-building journey, I'm collecting data from community leaders like you, here's the form to share your thoughts