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WE ARE FULLY FUNDED (and off to New Orleans!)

My heart is still BURSTING with love for you all! 

With your generous contributions, we raised our second goal of $15,000. Because of your support, we’re going to be able to add 2 more songs to the record--making the record a total of 8 songs (fun fact: the number 8 is a very lucky and auspicious number in Chinese culture!)

I am not lying to you when I tell you I did NOT expect this crowdfunding campaign to go as well as it did. Ask any of my friends: I was TERRIFIED that nobody would contribute and I'd be the only person in the history of crowdfunding who made $0. BOY OH BOY did you all prove me wrong! It can be really difficult to pursue a career in entertainment, and you all helped me remember how important it is to continue chasing my dream.

For all my funders: you can expect your rewards to be fulfilled within the next 2 to 3 months (I can't wait to send your e-books, custom songs, zodiac playlists, voice lessons and more!) If you purchased the reward of a vinyl record, CD, or T-shirt/Tank Top, you will receive it when the album is released in 2023.

Current Events: I'm off to New Orleans! I cannot WAIT to hit the road again for a mini tour. Me and my band are playing The Lobby Lounge in Slidell (my favorite show when I was on the road in 2019!) and another show at Balcony Music Club. If you know anybody in NOLA, tell them to come on out! You can purchase tickets for The Lobby Lounge here. 

More Current Events: I've got a bunch of local shows in Nashville planned for September (look out for a show in Chicago on 9/24.) Check out my show schedule to see where I'm playing next. 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for following the musical journey and for believing in my art!