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Thank you--We Did It--TOGETHER! And Yurt Progress...

Hello dear friends!

We have so SO many people to thank for helping us get across the finish line for crowdfunding the yurt! Thank you to the 52 funders who supported us (and several of you TWICE) in our #ifundwomen campaign to establish the #howlingwolffarmstay yurt. And thank you to the friends who cheered us on, and shared our story on social media.

Thank you for each person who thought positively about what we are trying to do and create--we know you GET it--this crowdfunding experience was never about the money. We could have gotten a loan for the whole amount and been OK. What we were--and are--creating is connection, family, and shared belief that together we can build something amazing together. And we did that THIS WEEK with our friends at White Mountain Yurts, who completed the yurt platform assembly on Friday.

This may have seen like it started in April 2019, but this dream started much longer ago. Just like our own version of the Chinese bamboo tree, we started watering this mud four years ago, with faith. Want to watch check out our yurt progress? Come over to our FB page or, where we are posting pictures regularly! And, too. <3⠀

Love, Jenn⠀
P.S. Thanks, y'all. This just makes me weepy as heck. <3
Oh! If you're looking for a super dorky, kinda blissful video of Chris and I sitting on the deck listening to the birds Saturday morning, it's posted HERE ( Enjoy!