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Three-Day Special and Update Video!

Hi friends--

Thanks to all, and we hope you are having a terrific July 4th week!

We are still reeling a little bit from the big gift, which was deposited today and will be joining all your contributions in the online system tonight or tomorrow.  That said, I've had a couple of folks say, "we only have (this) amount or (that) amount" to contribute, as if big gifts are the only ones that count.

Stop that right now.

The POINT of crowdfunding is...the crowd.  It's YOU. It's the people who care enough to give what they can, and the love that's behind the action.  The person giving $10 may be suffering more to part with that amount than the person giving $5,000 (For example, my friend did say that he'd just received an inheritance from a relative and wanted to pay it forward. My impression is that it was not a deep stretch for him in this case.

That's how any really meaningful dream is accomplished, with lots of people helping along the way.  THANK YOU for all that you've done to support the campaign in any and EVERY way.  I've seen you folks out there sharing this on Facebook.  I've seen you coming back two or three times to add a little (or a big) something extra.  It's humbling, and it's amazing.  Thank you SO much.

OK, that said, we are just under 50% funded, and we have further to go.  Can you help push out these amazing specials, good for any supporters through July 4?

1) A reward in ANY amount gets a HWF swag package.
2) Refer a friend who drops your name and get a FREE Spotify playlist
3) A three-night yurt weekend (regularly two nights) for $195

Just select the "monetary contribution" reward and tell us the special deal you are picking in the notes! (This is where your friend should drop your name for your free Spotify list.)

Thank you! And here's a video shot this morning, with a message from me and Lamb Brady...

Love, Jenn