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A Major Donation and Double Lamb Naming Reward!

Hi friends and supporters (who are now friends!),

Those of you know know me and follow our farm newsletter and blog over on might have read about how hard it is for me to ask for help.  It's terrifying.  And even though I know in my head that offering pre-buying opportunities and valued rewards in exchange for financial support is NOT asking for a handout or being a freeloader, it's still hard.  In my head, I run through all of the things...maybe-they-will-say-no-or-maybe-I-will-annoy-them-and-they-won't-like-me-any-more.  You know, all the things that the voice in our head says to keep us from achieving the amazing things just on the other side of the scary place.

Now we're in the final week of our campaign.  So I started to face the dreaded thing that my IFW coach always said I needed to do.  The dreaded individual ask.  I spent a bunch of time directly emailing folks from my farm list, as the friends and supporters who have known us the longest and watched us grow.  And I asked. It did get a little easier, but still every one was a bit of a pit-of-stomach experience. Click send and you can't take it back.  Is that wording too awkward? Does it sound canned? Am I a good enough friend to ask for support? What about the last time they asked for something and I didn't deliver?  What if they think a yurt is a STUPID thing? Why would they bother?

I was SO pleased and grateful for two fantastic supporters yesterday, including the very intentional reward that got us to the 25% funded mark (thank you Beverly and Jeff!).  I went to bed super happy and feeling WAY grateful!

Today I opened an email from a dear, dear friend. Completely out of the blue (well, I did email him, but was thinking maybe he'd choose an on-farm dinner for two, or maybe buy his son a yurt weekend as a gift), he and his wife donated $5,000.

He's a check guy, so it will be a couple of days before it shows up in the campaign coffer, and I'm pretty sure he prefers to stay anonymous, but WOW.  There are tears in my eyes AGAIN as I write this. 

Life continues to be an in-my-face reminder that we can achieve amazing things, if we are willing to jump over (or crawl or stop-drop-and-roll) over that scary place.

Thank you all so much!

Love, Jenn

***Oh! And today's one-day special!******

We're getting close to naming most of the lambs and have just a few unnamed lambs left.  Today is a two-for-one special!

Just select the "monetary contribution" reward and tell us you would like the Two Lambs Special!