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June 28 One-Day Special: Yurt & Grilling Weekend AND My WHY

Hello friends,

Thanks for helping our campaign move along so nicely, and thanks in advance for sharing this special with any folks in your life that you think might enjoy it.

June 28, 2019 Campaign Special! A weekend yurt stay WITH a grilling class for two for $225 (this combo is regularly $350--a 35% discount!)

Right here:   

Just select the "monetary contribution" reward and tell us you would like the Yurt & Grilling Weekend!  Thank you!

I thought I might also take a moment and tell you why I'm here and why this is all so important.  This yurt campaign is more than building a yurt.  It's more like building a family.  Because we need family, near and far, that look out for each other and create connections between all of us.  iFundWomen really gets that, and it's why I chose them as my platform.  They're amazing, and they want women to be successful, because when women succeed, EVERYONE succeeds.  And that's WHY I do what I do: I want to help people be successful so they can lead quality lives.  Especially women, who help everyone.

So that's why we're building a yurt to add a home-away-from-home for more friends and family.  When women succeed, we all succeed.

Thanks. <3