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It's Nice to Share!!!

Dear Backers,

A million apologies that it has taken me such time to write you.  My social media was attacked 13 days ago and it is still gone. I have been working on trying to get it back, which is unbelievably time consuming.

UPDATE: At this time, I do not believe the end October Delivery of your order is accurate. Early to mid-November is probably the case.

Would you each do me a favor and share this note to 3 to 5 to 100 of your girlfriends or post on social on my behalf? I would be grateful.

 I just pre-ordered Kara Mac's interchangeable and eco-friendly boots and will be one of the first to get them in the Fall. You should check them out and consider ordering as well! Now is the time to get a huge savings......                                        Here's the Link:…   

Feel Free to Embellish.

Unfortunately, I can't post a photo here for you to grab but the campaign has a number of them if you care to copy and paste.

Thanks a Gazillion and I hope we can get this Funded Quickly so they are not delayed any longer.

Kara Mac