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What We Bring to the Table (+ How You Can Help!)

When Woman-Owned Wineries first launched, few efforts existed to support women in our male-dominated industry. In the years since, a swell of efforts has arisen (... thank goodness!). Yet our work remains distinct --and it's worth continuing.

Other organizations offer networking opportunities and discussion forums, which is much needed and helpful. Meanwhile, we take a different approach to the complex problem of inequity, focusing on practical, easy-to-measure solutions.

Wines from female vintners are very poorly represented in major distribution channels--so you don't find many of them in stores. You might be motivated to buy women-owned products, but you are not always able to do so due to lack of availability. That's where we come into the picture.

* Our wine club is the first of its kind to focus on female vintners, and has consistently put wines from independent, women-owned brands in the hands of a wider audience. 

** Our winery directory was the first and most comprehensive of its kind. It has been used by distributors, buyers, sommeliers, and everyday wine lovers to diversify bottle selections. 

Folks, we need your help to continue!  

We are crowdfunding to secure our future. A portion of funds raised will benefit an entrepreneurial fund launched by our friends at Lift Collective. Together, let's continue building a strong community of hard working women.

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