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Why we need this now?"

Have you watch "Turning Red"?  (Pixer Film) . 

The cast and speaking up how important it is to have that representation. [Read this article on Vanity Fair] We need to make films like this, topics like this so that being able to have our representation is our new normal. Not only what audience sees, but also the creative teams, those who finances. 

"Turning Red" is also Pixer's first feature with an ALL FEMALE leadership team. [Read more] . 


So can we keep creating?! Can keep fighting for more opportunities for those who have been historically erased or oppressed?! We are on that journey with this documentary "Dear Asian Girls".  We have 2 more weeks left in the campaign and we are going to finish strong so that we can start strong. 


Thank you for your support and if you could, please help us spreading the message. Share this campaign. [Campaign Link] Share this teaser [Teaser Link] . We got this!!! 

Thank you for the love. xoxo