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Tribute Commissioned a KPMG Women's Leadership Study

OK...  well not exactly. We don't have that kind of money... yet! Ha! But seriously, check this out, this very well could have been commissioned by us to demonstrate why companies should partner with Tribute. 

This quote in particular struck me, "Innovative corporate initiatives and senior female leaders can motivate and reinforce women on their way up the corporate ladder." 

The study concludes that women need two things to rise to the top --confidence and connections.  Tribute seeks to create a more authentic way for women to connect with one another, and through mentorship find the confidence she needs to rise.  And BONUS - we're innovative on a few levels. Using an app, creating opportunities for mentorship in and outside of a company and using Storytelling as a means to connect.  

Stay tuned as we continue to hone our business strategy. There is an emerging D&I market that is set to explode with investments for innovative women's leadership initiatives. Our goal is to be well positioned by that time to capture those investments, and in the process, do a hell of a lot of good for women in the workplace!…