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Thank you deeply again!

Dear friends, family and community of pet lovers,

We made it to the end of our first crowdfunding campaign! We raised an upward of $3000 all together! We want to thank you deeply for all your support. It’s been such a great experience running our very first crowdfunding campaign. All said and done it wasn’t as easy as we anticipated, but we learned a tremendous amount and we’re forging ahead! Even though we didn’t make our goal we found a way to make the most of our raise. Rewards and swags are still going out as anticipated. We will be reaching out with more details soon! 

The bikes have been something Santos and I dreamt up for some time now and with everyone’s generous help has come to fruition. We want you to be to first to know that we have two beautiful tricycles sitting at our studio right now. We couldn’t include any photos in this update, but we will be posting shortly on social media! There still are no words to describe how humbled we are to have you stand with us and cheer us on this journey.  Thank you deeply again!

Santos and Jenn