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We're getting closer! 🤩

Hello friends!

We just crossed the $15K mark for our campaign, and we are getting closer to our stretch goal of $25K.  THANK YOU!! 

Why $25K?

Because with that funding we will be able to hire a diverse group of sex educators, sexual health and wellness experts, and sex workers. 

The only way to normalize conversations about sex is to have them, and we'll be doing that through blogs, events, and more. And we want to pay your support forward by hiring experts who help us better understand our bodies and what we can do with them. 

Sound exciting? 

It is, and we hope you will help us reach our next goal. If you haven't shared this campaign with your community, we hope that you will. A DM, an email, a text, a conversation IRL (*gasp*). They all help. 

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at