We have a store!

Eco Collective is in business! We opened our brick and mortar store on October 27th and the response has been amazing! 

We started with an empty space, an idea and got to work! We're so proud of our end result and the community that has supported us this far :)

Since our opening we've hosted an Introduction to Zero Waste Living as well as a Clothing Repair Workshop. Our clothing repair shop saved dozens of damaged clothing from being discarded and participants walked away with knowledge on how to do simple clothing repairs. Don't forget, members to Eco Collective have access to our sewing machine and a library of "How to Mend" books.

We're planning our December workshops and will announce them soon. One workshop will be The Art of Furoshiki Gift Wrapping. Learn how to use cloth to wrap presents! After the fun we had hosting a Furoshiki wrapping workshop last year, we just had to do it again!

Tomorrow we're hosting our Fall Zero Waste Dinner Party. The dinner party will be focused on foraged and in-season food and how to reduce your food waste. As we approach Thanksgiving, look for ways to reduce your food waste, whether that be using the turkey bones to make a broth, or get creative with Thanksgiving left overs!

We're 14 days away from ending our crowdfunding campaign so please tell your friends and family about Eco Collective and come visit our new store! The closer we are to our goal the faster we can develop our workshops and bulk section. 

Come visit us at:
5201 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Open 11am-7pm
Closed Tuesdays

See you soon!