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15K AND IFundWomen and Caress Surprise Us!!

Can someone please pinch us!?

Wow, last week was amazing! We surpassed 15K and then this happened: 

IFundWomen in partnership with Caress selected eres as one of the winners for October’s Pay it Foward Monetary Contribution (aahhh!!!). 

Not only that, but we will also receive a year of business coaching (which is coming just in time because our first year of coaching just ended, do you see the magic?)

With a different level of validation and gratitude, we continue to push to our first 25K Milestone!

Will you help us spread the word about our campaign?

If you’ve already shared, thank you so much for telling your friends and family about eres, it really means the world that our Familia is supporting us through this. We know times are tough so we do not take it lightly.

We continue to be inspired by you - your testimonials, your shares, and your truths. We have extended our deadline for those who have lovingly shared their intention to donate but simply need more time. As a self-funded startup we know very well the hustle, the juggling, and the workarounds we must do to pay them bills, so thank you for including us in your budget and figuring out how you can support us! 

Please continue to share our campaign. Together we can make this happen and build a network by and for us - that celebrates us, honors us, and uplift us.

Thank you for creating, connecting, and building with us fam.