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WOW 10K!! 15K, Here We Come!

Hello eres Fam,

We are humbled by your support and filled with motivational vibes. Thank you for helping us reach our first 10K milestone (aahhh)!!

As you know, we are working double-time to fundraise for our subscription service but we wanted to say THANK YOU again.

We have 17 days left to make our first big milestone of $25,000 and we know that with your support we can make it happen! 

Help us get to 15K this week!!

Share the campaign with 3 friends who support authentic and intersectional BIPOC storytelling.

You can say:

Hey, my friends are building a digital network that celebrates BIPOC and they are crowdfunding to build their video and podcast subscription service. I already donated and thought you would like to support them too. Here's their Campaign, go support them!

Of course you can rephrase or add anything else you see fit. We really appreciate you sharing the campaign with your friends. 

Thank you for connecting and building with us.