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Talk about collaboration!

So excited to let you know we've added some more exciting rewards that you'll love!

We've teamed up with two beautiful Sisters, Christine and Julian to bring you my favorite Planner in the world that I cannot live without. You may have seen it in our video. The whose shoe planner for 2019 has been added as one of our feature awards. So excited for you to get your life organized like I did.

Secondly, we've teamed up with HELP Philadelphia. 

H.E.L.P. Philadelphia is a transitional, low-income housing complex located in West Philadelphia. The facility provides 50 transitional apartments for homeless families and 40 permanent townhouses for low-income families. 

You'll now be able to donate diaper bags and essentials for women and their babies.

When we talk about sacrificing these women do exactly this day to day and a small gesture to provide them with a backpack that will simplify their day to day activities would be a blessing to them for sure. 


More than just a diaper bag....