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Our Crowdfund Has Ended : Now for the Reward :)

We made it! Huge thank you to each and every one of you who felt so compelled to contribute to our first-ever crowd fundraiser! I am so filled with gratitude in knowing that 96 people have faith in the work that I'm doing, and it pushes me more than you'll ever know!

While we didn't meet our goal of 37K, ringing in $18,215 is still a very amazing raise that will help us push our work even further. 

Thanks to your support, we'll be able to:
- Re-introduce our Creative Sips event (an event that shines light on Black artists and Black professionals in the Hospitality industry)
- Bring on Operations support to help our programs run more efficiently and effectively
- Expand our G2G program (offering free pop-up creative co-work space at different locations across the Chicagoland area)
- Begin structuring the programming for our youth mentorship project, ILA Match, Launching Spring 2022

We're so excited to begin our expansion, which will help to reach and teach more Black artists...the impetus behind our existence.

For those of you who selected one of our rewards, they'll be to you soon! If I'm still waiting on info from you to get your rewards to you please click here. If you have any questions for me directly or know of anyone that would be interested in donating to ILA in the future, please email

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you! Onward and upward :)