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Great News: We Obtained Financing!

We were blessed with the great fortune to obtain financing for majority of the renovation/construction costs! Sooooo, this means that we are ready to head into the building in a few weeks to give it the much needed TLC it so desperately needs. This also means through ALL of your donations thus far, we will be able to

1.) Paint the entire exterior of the building and

2.) Install all new flooring. 

Thank you, thank, thank you!!!

Please continue to donate what you can so that we can purchase the much needed technology equipment for The Neon Exchange.  We are hoping to secure at least 2 PCs and 3 laptops for business use as well as for the High School Students Saturdays where students will drop in (no cost) to get help with college applications and resume writing etc... All of you are making such a tremendous impact and positive footprint here in South County.  Even $5 goes a long way please continue to contribute if you haven't already done so.

Much love & gratitude,