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AAPI, Mental Health & Small Business Month, Forbes & iFundWomen Pay It Forward Grant

Wow! A lot has happened since closing my campaign on April 8. I launched a new box called Shower Crying. It may be one of my favorites. Stickers have shipped and Kevin is working on box designs!

My campaign is open again for Asian American & Pacific Islander Month. The need for solidarity with my community is now more important than ever. iFundWomen is spotlighting the hard work and business excellence of AAPI communities, including Bad Day Box! It's also Mental Health Awareness & Small Business there's lots of reason to support.

Excuse my French but HOLY SHIT I WAS IN FORBES. I am still celebrating this and my best friend has encouraged I do this until I die. If you didn't get a chance to read it, here's the link:…

Lastly, I'm excited to share I received the iFundWomen Pay-It-Forward grant this month. If you remember, my project got rejected from Kickstarter and iFundWomen was the best blessing for my journey. They are the only crowdfunding cmapign platform that reinvestes 20% of revenue from their standard fees back into live campaigns on site. I am now so much closer to hitting my goal. If you can continue to share I would be very grateful.

To better days,