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In a month from now, I’ll have a place

I have a brief update. I am still looking at a HUD low income unit that I got turned down from as a solution. It turns out that my disability that income is not enough to qualify me for that unit. The manager said that I can reapply to the waitlist and get in.

As it happened, A job that I had submitted a résumé for a while back called me for an interview last week. It’s a chill retail job a few blocks away. I went in for an interview. After that, I reapplied to the HUD low income unit.

Right now, my concern is staying sheltered from tonight to the day I can make first and last month’s rent. If you want to help me, please do. I literally have $30 in no place to stay tonight.

I realize that I have asked for and gotten a lot in the last year. I was able to stay housed and sheltered because of your generosity and the generosity of others that I ask for help from on Facebook.

During this last year, I was able to access memories and talk to spirit guides about my childhood. It explains a lot about my psychology and everything underneath it that said I could never have anything.

Please if you like, read my latest blog where I talk about it. It’s been difficult for me to look at things that happened even though it happened to me the day I was born and was not my fault. Strange 

Since I need help right now, it’s helpful for you to scroll down to the bottom of the page and donate there. Otherwise it takes several business days. Thanks.

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Venmo @Ann-Marie-Davis-2020
Cashapp $amdaviswashere
Zelle [email protected]