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Love and Rage and impermanence. It's been quite a ride.

Hello funders. I don't know how it happened but I'm still here and wrapped in my right mind while not having a home. While impermanence is constant and true for all of us, today I am deeply changed by my awareness of it.

One of my nieces died on Christmas Day. Our bodies have their own intelligence.  My body decided to delay grieving (along with attempting to write a novel) until after I'm  adequately housed. People have reacted to death as if it is some kind of freak occurrence, as if everyone we have ever met or known, or known of, or ever will meet won’t be gone from the face of the earth in a hundred and twenty years.

I participate in online classes, from workshops to support, from NVC to yoga to counseling to meditation. I can't fathom how I have managed to stay reasonably safe and sheltered for the last year, but I have. It hasn't always felt good, but I have.

Lama Rod is giving an online workshop starting Monday: Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation Through Anger based on his book, "Love and Rage."

A Six-Week Online Course and Practice Group with Lama Rod Owens

Monday, January 31st - Friday, March 11th, 2022

This moment is calling us to truth—truth about ourselves, our inner pain and our systems of violence, our inner lack and our economies of scarcity. More profoundly we are being called to truth about our relationship to death and dying, and to face our grief, anger and rage.

See you there perhaps.

I am an affiliate for Lama Rod, which means I receive remuneration for workshop purchases through this link.