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Issue # 1 is OUT!

Hello crowdfunding supporters!

Well, it took longer than I had originally hoped, but exactly a year to the day after this crowdfunding campaign was launched, the printed copies of Asparagus Magazine's Issue #1 were delivered to my house. WE DID IT!

Since we have now achieved this momentous goal, this will be the final update I send out through the iFundWomen site. If you wish to stay up-to-date on all things Gus (and I hope you do!), please sign up for our pleasantly infrequent email newsletter.

Most supporters who opted to receive Issue #1 should have their copies by now, though with the vagaries of the modern postal system a few of you may still have to wait a couple days. If you opted not to subscribe at the time of the campaign, it's not too late! You can subscribe to the magazine at our online shop, and we'll get a copy of Issue #1 out to you ASAP.

The other thing you can do at our shop is book your ticket to our launch party. The party will be this Wednesday, July 10, from 5:30 to 8 pm at 8east in Vancouver's Chinatown. As a crowdfunding supporter, you're entitled to a free subscriber ticket, whether or not you opted to receive a subscription. Hope to see you there!

Forever grateful,


p.s. I know there is still a handful of you who haven't received your crowdfunding rewards. I'll be reaching out this week so we can finally make a plan to get that sweet sustainable swag into your hands!