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The first rewards are on their way!! 1st quest - in March

Hello, hello and thank you once again for being my amazing supporters on this project!

I wanted to let you know that the first rewards will be mailed out this week: those amazing prints and watercolors! 

I'm still finishing up the 1st painting and 'hiding the clues' so please hang on tight till the last Tuesday of March for our official first virtual quest!

The Open Studio will happen in April and I'll keep you posted with regards to date/time as well!

I'll be sure to alert you ahead of time with regards to any events, and send off a zoom link.

This also gives up plenty of time to pass on the news to more potentially interested folks! Do share this campaign, as we're on our very last few weeks!

I'm so, so appreciative of your support and cannot wait to see how pleased you are with your rewards!