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Thank you, 15% funded!

Thank you to our earliest backers!!


After over a year of building a supply chain, it's an amazing feeling to see this product get sent into the world! Thank you so much for being the first 26 people to support Active Joy. I am filled with excitement and gratitude.Together, we are making the world a more adventurous and sustainable place.

We still have 3.5 weeks to reach our goal. 

Some ways you can spread the word:


  • Forward our campaign page to a gym buddy that you think would love some sustainable leggings!


  • Share our campaign on social. Below are some shareable statements:


Active Joy leggings are inspired by the minimalist mindset. They are crafted for performance, but designed for everyday, so you can pack less and enjoy more. And they are made in the USA using sustainable materials and processes, so you can feel as good as you look.


Active joy creates sustainable and versatile leggings, fairly made and fairly priced, for everyday life.


Thank you for your support!