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5k milestone reached!

Boozhoo (hello) everyone!

We have raised the first $5,000 collectively for the Niniijaanis War Pony! Chii-miigwech, a big thank you to everyone who shares our vision and believes in our early childhood work. 

We still have a ways to go to reach our 45k goal to purchase our mini-bus. We will be rolling out new rewards in the next month as well as an arts supply wish list and community drive for supplies! Feel free to follow our social medias and regular updates on our Niniijaanis One of Ones Instagram or Facebook.  Look out for our supply list and other ways you can contribute. Sharing the Campaign with friends is also a great way to support. Thanks again everyone!

Niniijaanis One of Ones (@niniijaanis1of1s) • Instagram photos and videos