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Last Day and Important Information

Pre-Sale is nearly over!  On Monday I'm switching over to logistics to “air-traffic control" all of the assets through the next stages. Once your orders are in line to ship, you'll be sent a shipping invoice either by PayPal or Shopify. Prior to that you'll receive eMail that signals you to look out for your invoices.


Our production is in motion. All the packaging is bespoke and is currently being formed. We have been told by our freight company that US territory ports have a backlog of freight waiting to get checked through due to Covid-19 short staffing them, combined with Health & Safety regulations. This nudges our delivery into April so far. Once it gets through, however - everything can be filled in a day!! A single day.

I will be updating you when each stage is cleared into the US, so we can keep up the morale! Which, by the way, has been SO AMAZING throughout this entire campaign, that I am floored. Know that if you ever have questions—I’m:

I love you and thank you so very much for your contribution,