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Nov 18 - MOST backers in one day! We're over 11K now!

I think the lower target has encouraged more people to contribute - amazing!  We had the most amount of backers in one day today - 14 orders for a total of 1787.70.  Let's keep going!

Total raised to date:  $11,319USD (56.5% of new target-20,000)

Total Funders to date:  59

  • Total Wetsuit Pre-Orders:  30 (37.5% of new target-80)
  • Partner Rewards from Stream2Sea, Scuba Sisters, Truli Apparel:  15
  • Exclusive Experience ~ Dive with Mia:  2
  • Monetary Contributions:  5
  • I Believe in You! Contributions:  3

Canadians, UK, Australians can pre-order their Truli Wetsuits in CAD on  These contributions won't be listed in the main totals, but I'll report them here in the updates.  Canadian dollar pre-orders are starting to come in!  I'm using conversion rate of 1.30CAD = 1.00USD.


The wetsuit pre-orders include shipping to the US and Canada.  UK/Australia/Europe orders will be invoiced 50.00 (40.00 less than usual) at time of shipping.  

If we DON'T hit the target, I'll send a refund minus 10%. Unfortunately, in that case the inventory will not be purchased and I won't be able to offer more sizes :(

If we DO hit the target and if even after I send you the wetsuit in 2021 and you decide you don't want it, I will send a refund minus 10% (the return shipping to me would be at your expense).  My regular sizing policy, exchange/refund will apply.  This applies only to US and Canadian shipping.

If you end up with a wetsuit that you're just not happy with and can't return it, you can re-sell it on Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit (FB buy/sell Truli group).

Truli a win-win situation for everyone by placing your pre-order today!