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Nov 12 - Today was a great day!

It's so rewarding to begin seeing the results from all the hard work that's been happening behind the scenes.  We are networking and connecting all over the place.  With some amazing shares from Canadian influencers @HannahLogan21 of Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Travel (Read her article on Truli) and @Ironself18 along with my relentless mission to reply back to every.single.person who ever messaged me about a wetsuit - we were able to raise $2085 today - yaaa!

Total raised to date:  $6244USD (11% of target)

Total Funders to date:  32

  • Total Wetsuit Pre-Orders:  17 (5.7% of target)
  • Partner Rewards from Stream2Sea, Scuba Sisters, Truli Apparel:  6
  • Exclusive Experience ~ Dive with Mia:  1
  • Monetary Contributions:  4
  • I Believe in You! Contributions:  3

Canadians, UK, Australians can pre-order their Truli Wetsuits in CAD on  These contributions won't be listed in the main totals, but I'll report them here in the updates - So far I don't have any pre-orders from the CAD website.  


The wetsuit pre-orders include shipping to the US and Canada.

If we DON'T hit the target, I'll send a refund minus 10%. Unfortunately, in that case the inventory will not be purchased and I won't be able to offer more sizes :(

If we DO hit the target and if even after I send you the wetsuit in 2021 and you decide you don't want it, I will send a refund minus 10% (the return shipping to me would be at your expense).  My regular sizing policy, exchange/refund will apply.  This applies only to US and Canadian shipping.

Truli a win-win situation for everyone by placing your pre-order today!