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Nov 11 - Slow and steady...


My goal was to hit $5000 last weekend, which didn't happen.  But we're slowly reaching that mark as some of the behind the scenes glitches are being ironed out and I'm still super optimistic that more of you will place your orders in the coming days - if you've been thinking about it, please go do it now!

We did some sharing on GirlsthatScuba and I've been reaching out to past customers who had connected with me when I didn't have your size in stock.  More networks will be spreading the word - Thank-you to ALL who have given lots of shout-outs!

Total raised to date:  $4159USD (7.4% of target)

Total Funders to date:  23

  • Total Wetsuit Pre-Orders:  11 (3.6% of target)
  • Partner Rewards from Stream2Sea, Scuba Sisters, Truli Apparel:  6
  • Exclusive Experience ~ Dive with Mia:  1
  • Monetary Contributions:  4
  • I Believe in You! Contributions:  1

Canadians, UK, Australians can pre-order their Truli Wetsuits in CAD on  These contributions won't be listed in the main totals, but I'll report them here in the updates!

If we don't hit this target, the sizes won't be ordered and I won't be able to make these wetsuits available to all women.  


The wetsuit pre-orders include shipping to the US and Canada.

If we DON'T hit the target, I'll send a refund minus 10%. Unfortunately, in that case the inventory will not be purchased and I won't be able to offer more sizes :(

If we DO hit the target and if even after I send you the wetsuit in 2021 and you decide you don't want it, I will send a refund minus 10% (the return shipping to me would be at your expense).  My regular sizing policy, exchange/refund will apply.

Truli a win-win situation for everyone by placing your pre-order today!