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Name change, again?



We are now &BEYOND Event Studio, LLC!!!!!!


Our application has been approved through the state of Maryland! We're recorded as a business in the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation! That's HUGE!!!! 

I've been hitting that pavement and doing my best to make you all proud! 

I've also been accepted into ANOTHER ACCELERATOR PROGRAM! Check out the program here! Check out Mogul Millennial here

I know, with what hours in the day? The ones I have been praying for, the one's I've been working for, and the ones that I should be using to don't tell anyone 😂!

I wanted to continue to thank you! Thank you for your support, thank you for sharing this crowdfunding campaign, and thank you for standing beside me, behind me, in front of me, and around me when I needed it. This journey has been really tough, it's challenged me in ways I couldn't imagine.

YET, look Ma we made it! 🙋🏼


Let's keep going! 


If you haven't yet, please share this link to 3 people who support you and ask them for their support! I really want to bring Community back to the suburbs. It starts with us! Let's continue to grow the village!


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