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Dear Amigos,

I must say this has been the most amazing week! Not only professionally, but personally; I have never experienced such gratitude for all of YOU who supported our crowdfunding campaign.
This has now become part of our very cool Story, and Mexican Spice will stick around thanks to You.

Although we reached our goal for bare minimum expenses, our campaign will remain open for the next 27 days as planned, hoping you will continue to share our efforts;  We will gratefully accept more contributions to help with this project. As you know, there are always unforeseen expenses and "extras" that we probably haven't even thought of yet. This has been a whirlwind endeavor, but a very exciting one as well.

As of now we have 287 contributions! (a lot of whom are groups and families). Unbelievable!

Sharing this project with you makes it so much more fun, and I will keep you in the loop with updates and milestones.