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Our Branded T Shirt is ready!!

Wow, it's been a week, month, year, you name it...

Hope all's well and safe with you and yours. And, thank you so much for all your continued support.

A little update! We've just launched our Merch Shop on the Sela Films website!! -- Check it out :)

And, to celebrate, we are offering up our branded t-shirt with the Sela Films logo and slogan at a discount on our fundraiser page. $30 gets you yours! 

Give it a looksie, and if you like what you see, grab yours. We have Men and Women, Small to XXL. Gift it to someone or spread the word to friends and family alike, every bit of effort, support, word of mouth, donation, all of it truly counts.

Thank you so much!

We're soooo close.



PS: Pre-production has began on our Musical Miniseries "As The Cookie Crumbles!" Head over to social media pages to get latest scoop :)