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New Perk Alert!

ūüďĘNew Reward Alert!ūüéČ

Some of you know that I'm an experienced reader, so get this!! I've added two new categories to my #ifundwomen campaign! If you need detailed feedback (as in like four pages of notes...) on your screenplay, check out the campaign below and pick the reward category you need (Short or Feature!)

If you don't need this, but you know someone who does, what do you think about gifting them the opportunity or sharing the link with them so they can take advantage of this offering...?

It's a WIN-WIN-WIN for all!

An anonymous donor has agreed to match the next $2K that I raise, and I'm over just a quarter of the way there. I could use your support to continue creating meaningful work. If you're able to contribute a little bit more, that would be amazing. If not, sharing this fundraiser with just one other person would be greatly appreciated.