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New Video, New Perk!!

Hi, wonderful people.

Hope your week has been good and that your weekend is off to a great start :)

I've got an update (and an ask) -- I remade my pitch video!

Check it out on the campaign page, and while you're there, check out the newest addition to the rewards! Our BIPOC Wall (Hall) of Fame.

It's up on the Sela Films website and will be populated with photos and blurbs of our real-life heroes, friends, family, teachers, you name it -- people who have, and maybe are still having an impact on our lives from the community of Black/Indigenous/People of Color.

How cool is that!?

If there's someone you'd like to nominate (it's a guaranteed shoo-in!) please feel free to email me, [email protected], with a photo and a short blurb on them, and up the wall they'll go!

So, here's the ask -- to get to our goal, I need your help. If there's one person you can forward this campaign to, may I ask that you please do? Every bit of support is impactful, I promise you. And, if you forward this campaign to just one person, you'll truly be making a difference.

Thank you so much! Have a lovely weekend.