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Marie CIO and Co-Founder of Data 360 Joins the Female Founders Alliance

We're pleased to announce that @MarieData360 and Data 360 have been invited to join the Female Founder Alliance community.


The Female Founders Alliance is a 20k strong community of women and non-binary founders, investors, partners and startup allies dedicated to accelerating the success of venture scalable startups founded by women. 20X in the next 10 years.


We value substance over flash and respectful dialogue over noise and atagony. We focus on our businesses, and actively create tangible opportunities for our companies - and for each other - to get ahead. Like a peer to peer startup incubator for women, fueled by a commitment to each other. Together, we can collectively break this dramatic gender funding gap in venture capital.


The Female Founders Alliance community is based in Seattle, WA, includes partners Microsoft, Brex, Bank of America, UPS, Cooley, Silicon Valley Bank, IBM, JP Morgan and has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Techcrunch, Geekwire, Quartz and Cheddar.