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SEPT 2020 - iVow Whitepaper features Data 360 CIO Co-Founder Marie Smith in Gender Equality Whitepaper in Data Used for AI/ML

So exciting! Thanks to IVOW AI for featuring our CIO and Co-Founder Marie Smith. This is such an important time for create the right balance in data and data sets for human history. #artificialintelligence #datascience #machinelearning #everydayai

The historic role of women is muted in publicly available datasets. It's clear that we need a central repository of data that is easily accessible, explainable and reflective of the contributions of women throughout history.⠀

For instance, in a major dataset, Michelle Obama is tagged as a "companion" and in a search for American women in all science & technology fields, we found 71 females (one was actually male); only four were African American.⠀

Proud of our report featuring prominent AI and data experts Nasrin Mostafazadeh Tariq King Marie Smith Lisha Bell Susanna R. Rogerio Lourenco, written and edited together with Kee Malesky Nikki McLay Read it here:⠀

Thank you Andy LaMora Topcoder Coach Kathy Kemper Jessica Tavasti Davis Dejan Cusic Jenn Bonine Mark Germishuys for supporting and sponsoring our data ideation challenge.

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