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So Close and with 1 week to go!

Dear funders, family and friends,

July 13th is almost here and we are so close to hitting our goal. 

We only havedays left to raise the $655 remaining to fulfill "Florescnt: Filtering Sunbeams."

We would really appreciate it if you would consider sharing our campaign with the friends and family you are sharing this hot holiday weekend with.  If only 22 people each support the campaign at the $30 level we will be funded!

What better introduction to the cause than, "It's so hot out here, wouldn't it be cool if we could wear what this campaign is proposing?"

You can have them support the campaign here:  

We couldn’t have raised as much as we already have without the help of our amazing network of friends, family and followers (aka YOU)!  Thank you in advance for your support.

Much love and be safe this weekend,

The Florescnt Team