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Joy and lots of learning on our journey


  • Leashes.......Check!
  • Collars.........Check!
  • Duty bags....Check!
  • Hats............Check!

We are so excited to announce that our eco-friendly and recycled products are made! Our manufacturer has been great to work with. We've have learned a ton about processes and expectations from them and they have been patient and transparent through this process. 

Shipping has been a bit of an unexpected obstacle as we are learning the customs process. Some of you have reached out and expressed some frustration. We too are frustrated that it is now October and our products aren’t in your hands, going on WALKs with your best friends. We are learning and growing through this process and that can be paired with growing pains. We’ve recently learned that US Customs paperwork was lacking and now that it has been submitted, we are waiting for the go, to ship our products here to Colorado. Once we are given the go-ahead to move forward with US Customs it will take a month to arrive here in Colorado.

We want to thank you all for all the kind words and messages you send. Also thank you for your feedback we know that is how we learn.  And most importantly thank you for believing in what we are creating and for WALKing on this journey with us. We are hopeful and optimistic that the products are coming to you within this month or at the beginning of November and every dog lover will want to have one of these amazing products for their dog for the holiday. We have extended the campaign until our products are in from our manufacturer. 

In other news...

The WALK women have taken to trails to help clean up some of the other dogs "duty" we find along our WALKs. We are working to inspire our neighbors and supporters to see that we can all make a positive impact every day. 

WALK with a purpose, WALK with us!


Noelle, Ashlynn, Cameron, & Maylee