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Extended campaign date, News from our manufacturer, Wednesday paddleboarding & strength testing the carabiner

Here’s the good news… after lots of work and a couple (ok more than a couple) of hang-ups we have located a great carabiner. The not so great news is the factory has a lead time of 45 days. This news is pretty devastating for us. First, we went with this company because it was our understanding these were off the shelf carabiners, making the process quick and smooth for assembling of the leash. Second, it pushes our delivery date out.  I know that these things do happen in manufacturing, but it is definitely disappointing because these hang-ups impact you, our supporters. At the end of the day, we’d like to think of the glass half full and keep our focus on the positive and how exciting this process is seeing our product coming to life! For these reasons we are extending our campaign length and have more time to spread the word about our products. 

 Click to see the Carabiner strength test

 We feel its a priority to be open and transparent. As we have moved further in production original price quotes have changed. Our plan was to sell the Re-WALK leash for $27.00, unfortunately, we will have to bump that up to $30.00. However, this will not impact you we are just keeping you informed.

We are working closely with our manufacture to create a timeline so you will know when to expect your WALK gear. 

Click to see Wednesday's first day on and in the water

This last week we took Wednesday to the reservoir to celebrate Cameron's birthday! We are happy to report she is a great swimmer and seemed to enjoy the day and warmed up to the idea of being on a paddleboard. For safety reasons, we kept her close to the shallow water until we find a great life vest for her. Send us your recommendations if you have one you love. 

Our hearts are full of gratitude to you and all the support of our community. We are living the American Dream and can't wait to deliver this product to you. 



Noelle, Ashlynn, Cameron, & Maylee

WALK with a purpose, WALK with us